Green Goddess Dressing

You Will Need:

  • Parsley, 1/2 cup, leaves only
  • Watercress, 1/2 cup, leaves only
  • Arugula, 1/2 cup, leaves only
  • Buttermilk, 1 cup
  • Tarragon, 2 Tbs, leaves only
  • Scallions, 2 each, chopped
  • White Vinegar, 2 tsp.
  • Sour Cream, 1/2 cup
  • Salt/Pepper, to taste

Recipe Serves: 2.5 cups
1. Combine the herbs, scallions, and vinegar in a blender for about 1-2 minutes.

2. Whisk in the sour cream and season with salt/pepper.

3. Store in an airtight container for up to a week in the fridge.

*Great for salad dressings, dip for crudite or french fries and used as salad dressing.
Recipe developed by Chef Danny Klein.