Lemon Balm Macerated Berries

You Will Need:

  • Strawberries, 1 pint, rinsed, hulled and halved
  • Blueberries, 1 pint, rinsed
  • White Sugar (or lavender sugar), 2 Tbs.
  • Grand Marnier, ¼ cup
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Lemon Balm, 1 Tbs, chiffonade

Recipe Serves:
1. In a bowl, mix the strawberries with the sugar, lemon balm Grand Marnier and salt and toss till coated throughly.

2. Let strawberriies stand for about 45 minutes in a warm area (or room temperature) before folding in the blueberries.

*This can be served warm over ice cream, cake, french toast, waffles, pancakes or as a sauce for almost any dessert. If lemon balm is unavailable, try using basil and 2 tsp. of lemon juice.
Recipe developed by Chef Danny Klein.