See Recipes with Pansies

Storage Tips: First of all, wash the flowers with cold water to remove any excess dirt or pollen they may have. Afterwards, let the flower dry on a paper towel and then wrap the flowers in a moist paper towel, carefully so they are not crushed. Then place them in a plastic container and put them in the refrigerator.
Usage Ideas: Pansies have a mild citrus minty sweet flavour. It’s petals are mainly used in salads, and also in desserts such as ice cream, pound cakes, tarts and syrups to add to crepes and waffles. Pansies also make beautiful garnish for any dish.
Another popular way to use pansies is to dry them and add them to tea or just pour hot water over them and make a herbal infusion.
Fun Facts: Different varieties of pansies grow in many parts of the world, Since ancient times it has been used in traditional medicine for different purposes. Nowadays some people eat pansies to reduce blood pressure and prevent heart failure.

Pansies are also popular for their aroma, that is why it is common to find them in the making of shampoos, soaps and other body products.