See Recipes with Rosemary

Storage Tips: Fresh Rosemary is extremely hardy, so it can be left out of the refrigerator if you wish to enjoy the fragrant aroma.

Simply place the stems standing up in a tall clear container with 1-2 inches of water in the bottom and change the water every 3 days.

Usage Ideas: Rosemary leaves should be stripped from their stems before use. Hold the stem at the top and pull your fingers down the stem, removing the leaves from top to bottom, then finely chop the leaves for use in your favorite dishes.

Rosemary sprigs can also be used whole to flavor soups and sauces. Simply toss in 1-2 stems during cooking, then remove before serving for a milder Rosemary flavor.

The stems also work well as skewers for meat, seafood, chicken, and vegetables on the grill. Strip the leaves off the stems and chop for the marinade, then skewer 3-4 pieces of meat or vegetables on each skewer and grill to desired doneness.

Fun Facts: While Rosemary does not look like other herbs in its family, it is actually related to mint (12)

Rosemary bushes can grow as high as 6 feet tall, with the pine needle-like stems forming the shape of a small Christmas tree (12)

Folklore stories claim people in the Middle Ages burned fresh Rosemary stems because they believed the smoke would help ward off illnesses (3)

Rosemary is high in both tannins, which act as an anti-inflammatory and eucalyptol, which is proven to help break up chest congestion and mucous (2)